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Wag & Bone

A premiere indoor dog park and bark located in Long Island City that offers a dog park, daycare, boarding, grooming and self-washing. Set to open mid-2024.

Friday Payroll Company

A payroll and team management platform that streamlines payroll processing and ensures accurate and timely payments with an intuitive interface and user friendly website.


A Florida based investment firm and lender specializing in the cannabis and plant medicine industry.

MC Eyeglasses

MC Eyeglasses Corp leads the way in eyewear innovation with their groundbreaking armless glasses. Redefining comfort and style, their innovative designs offer unparalleled freedom and functionality, setting a new standard in the eyewear industry.

Rashbi Imaging

Located in Queens, NY Rashbi is a medical facility specializing in non-invasive (MRI) scans.

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