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Our Investment Philosophy

At Manna Capital Solutions, we're guided by a profound understanding of the real estate market, prioritizing tailored financing solutions that reflect the unique needs and goals of each investor. Leveraging our deep insights into real estate dynamics, we offer a diverse array of financing options meticulously tailored to align with your investment objectives. Our commitment lies in delivering funding solutions precisely crafted to meet your requirements, facilitating a seamless and empowered investment journey.

Diverse Funding Solutions for
Real Estate Ventures


Tailored Real Estate
Investment Opportunities

Explore Lucrative Opportunities in Real Estate

Fix And Flip Loans

Secure financing for property renovations and resale with our fix and flip loans. We offer up to 85% LTVs for 1-4 family homes, multifamily properties, and mixed-use developments, empowering investors to capitalize on lucrative opportunities.

Rental Loans

Explore long-term investment opportunities with our rental loans. With LTVs of up to 80%, investors can acquire and manage 1-4 family homes, multifamily properties, townhomes, and condos, ensuring steady cash flow and asset appreciation.

Ground Up/Heavy Rehab

Embark on ambitious real estate projects with our ground-up and heavy rehab financing options. Offering LTVs of up to 70%, investors can undertake single-family homes, 2-4 family properties, multifamily dwellings, and townhomes, leveraging our support for successful development ventures.

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